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How It Works Amazing Answers to Curious Questions Vol. 2

How It Works Amazing Answers to Curious Questions Vol. 2


How It Works Amazing Answers to Curious Questions Vol. 2

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Product Description

Packed with fascinating answers to some of life's most intriguing questions, this is the perfect book for anyone with a curious mind. Ideal for all ages, How It Works Amazing Answers to Curious Questions Volume 2 covers science, technology, the environment, history, transport and space. Whether you want to discover if people can really be hypnotised, how killer whales hunt, what caused the destruction of Pompeii, why Sellotape is sticky, how planes carry weapons or if the universe is expanding, you'll find all the answers here.

In this bookazine...

Discover the incredible secrets of the world we live in

- Covering physics, biology and chemistry, see how our bodies work and much more.

- Find out why clouds are different shapes, how owls catch their prey and why chickens lay eggs.

- Discover the answers to some of history's greatest mystyeries.

- Learn about light trails, Teflon, one-way glass and how paper is made.

- Questions covering planes, trains, automobiles and more!

- See how the solar system was created, why the Earth spins, and what ice volcanoes are.

Also inside...

- What is the secret of cell division?
- How does metabolism work?
- How do we make protein?
- What does your bladder do?
- Do you need a spleen?
- How do gallstones form?
- How important is our tongue?
- What’s the retina made of?
- How does an embryo grow?
- Why do people have different skin colour?
- What does the umbilical cord actually do?
- How do skin grafts work?
- Why do blisters form?
- What happens when you get angry?
- How do we laugh?
- What makes us sneeze?
- Why do people get motion sickness?
- What is whiplash?
- Can people really be hypnotised?
- Why are some people double-jointed?
- How do hand warmers work?
- How does mosquito spray work?
- How does detergent clean clothes?
- What is gas?
- How does a superconductor work?
- What’s the lightest material in the world?
- What is a vacuum?
- What is a photon?
- How can steel be made stronger?
- Why do we pasteurise milk?
- How do pesticides kill pests?
- What is distillation?
- Bitesize Q&A

- How does the Arctic Ocean freeze?
- What causes red tides?
- What makes seahorses so unusual?
- How do pearls form?
- What is coral?
- What makes marine mountains so big?
- How was the Giant’s Causeway formed?
- How deep is the world’s deepest cave?
- How do jet streams work?
- How are double rainbows formed?
- Why are clouds different shapes?
- Why is the coast eroding?
- What is the Grand Prismatic Spring?
- What are the Devil’s Marbles?
- What’s inside a tree?
- How do rock pythons consume prey?
- How do birds breathe?
- What’s inside a wasp nest?
- How do killer whales hunt?
- How do owls catch prey?
- What’s inside horse hooves?
- How do animals regenerate limbs?
- How does a spider construct its web?
- How do chickens lay eggs?
- What is inside a plant cell?
- Bitesize Q&A

- How did the diplodocus survive?
- What was inside Tutankhamun’s tomb?
- How was the Great Sphinx built?
- What caused the destruction of Pompeii?
- How was Venice built?
- What made star forts unique?
- How were Roman roads built?
- How do water pumps work?
- What was Da Vinci’s flying machine?
- How did jousting work?
- What was mustard gas?
- How were mosaics made?
- How did people sweep chimneys?
- How did the Newcomen steam engine work?
- What was the Bathyscaphe Trieste?
- What made Alcatraz prison so secure?
- Bitesize Q&A

- How are light trails captured?
- What is one-way glass?
- How does liquid armour stop bullets?
- What’s inside a paintball gun?
- How do silencers muffle sound?
- What’s inside a sniper rifle?
- How do fire suits protect people?
- What’s inside a fire sprinkler?
- How do incubators work?
- What is paper made of?
- How do you send and receive emails?
- How can you make ice cream?
- What keeps computers cool?
- How do breadmakers work?
- What makes tumble dryers dry clothes?
- How can ovens cook food?
- How do self-service checkouts work?
- What is underfloor heating?
- How do saunas stay warm?
- Where are diamonds mined?
- How do water turbines work?
- What is Teflon?
- How do braces straighten teeth?
- What makes Velcro stick?
- Why is Sellotape sticky?
- Why do pressure washers clean so well?
- How do inhalers help asthmatics?
- What’s inside a jukebox?
- How can flood barriers protect cities?
- Bitesize Q&A

- How is car safety tested?
- What is a camshaft?
- What are air brakes?
- How does a handbrake stop a vehicle?
- How do tyre valves work?
- Do turbochargers boost performance?
- How do carwashes clean cars?
- What is engine oil?
- How do scissor jacks lift cars?
- What is a cherrypicker?
- What’s inside a bulldozer?
- How do street sweepers clean roads?
- Can RIBs actually sink?
- How can you lift a boat into the air?
- What is a superferry?
- How do inflatable life rafts work?
- How do kayaks shoot rapids?
- What are life jackets made of?
- How do snowmobiles work?
- What makes the jet-propelled wing fly?
- How does an aircraft carry weaponry?
- Bitesize Q&A

- How was the solar system created?
- What is an event horizon?
- What is the Zone of Avoidance?
- What is a starburst galaxy?
- What is a dwarf planet?
- Why do stars turn blue?
- How are solar tsunamis caused?
- Why is the surface of Mars red?
- What are Martian meteorites?
- Is the universe expanding?
- What is the Carina Nebula?
- How do ice volcanoes form?
- What causes Jupiter’s aurora?
- Why does the Earth spin?
- How was the Moon made?
- What causes meteor showers?
- How would you evacuate the ISS?
- What is rocket fuel made of?
- Why does Saturn have rings?
- How do airlocks work?
- What is a cleanroom?
- What is a space jetpack?
- How are rockets launched into space?
- How are rocket boosters recovered?
- How are launches aborted?
- What goes on in the Hypervelocity Gun Lab?
- Bitesize Q&A

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