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How It Works Book of Amazing Animals

How It Works Book of Amazing Animals


How It Works Book of Amazing Animals

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Product Description

This bookazine gathers together some of the most amazing creatures on the planet and gets right under their skins (or exoskeletons!) so we can show you exactly how they work. Birds, sea life, reptiles and amphibians, spiders & insects, the mammals – all are explored and their natural talents explained. Beautifully illustrated diagrams detail everything from the tactics of a lion attack to the anatomy of a crocodile, while high impact photography puts you face to face with these living wonders. Packed full of facts and tackling some of the greatest animal mysteries, this guide to life on Earth will show you just how amazing our cousins in the animal kingdom are.

In this bookazine...

Everything you want to know about the animal kingdom

Wonders of evolution
- Discover the fastest, smartest, deadliest, stealthiest and weirdest animals in the world.

Sea life
- Get to grips with octopus tentacles and regenerating starfish, and find out how to stun a great white shark.

Spiders & insects
- From life under the microscope to the world’s biggest bugs, discover exactly what makes these invertebrates tick.

Reptiles & amphibians
- See how snakes bite, smell and shed their skin, and get right up close to the most powerful jaws on the planet.

- Take a wild tour of the planet’s forests, oceans and plains and meet the incredible creatures who live there.

- Explore life in the skies and learn how a bird works, from breathing and flying to grabbing snacks on the wing.

Also inside...
Wonders of evolution
- World's fastest animals
- The planet's smartest animals
- Deadly venom
- Animal camouflage
- The planet's weirdest animals

Sea life
- Sharks! 50 incredible facts
- Shark attacks
- Tonic immobility
- Swim bladders
- Schooling fish
- Cuttlefish
- Lionfish
- Pufferfish
- Anglerfish
- Stonefish
- Archerfish
- Stingrays
- Seahorses
- Octopuses
- Giant squid
- Squid swimming
- Mantis shrimp
- Pistol shrimp
- Coconut crabs
- Barnacles
- Box jellyfish
- Jellyfish life cycle
- Coral reefs
- Starfish
- Regeneration
- Rock pools

Spiders & insects
- Micro monsters
- Termites
- Slugs & snails
- Ticks
- Grasshoppers
- Moulting
- Exoskeletons
- Scorpions
- Spiders
- Black widows
- Spider webs
- Tardigrades
- Water striders
- Dung beetles
- Compound eyes
- Honeybees
- Wasp nests
- Wasp stings
- Mosquitos
- Fireflies
- Moths
- Ladybirds
- Dragonflies
- Butterfly metamorphosis
- Giant insects

Reptiles & amphibians
- World's deadliest reptiles
- Crocodiles
- Crocodile jaws
- Death rolls
- Snakes
- Snakes shedding
- Snake bites
- Jacobson's organ
- Rock pythons
- Amphibian skin
- Amphibian life cycle
- Frog leaps
- Turtles

- Whale communication
- Blowholes
- Sperm whales
- Beluga whales
- Blue whales
- Killer whales
- Narwhals
- Dolphin communication
- Bear fishing
- Polar bears
- Primates
- Prehensile tails
- Beaver dams
- Duck-billed platypuses
- Cats
- Cat paws
- Purring
- Scent marking
- Dogs
- Horse hooves
- Cow stomachs
- Badger setts
- Bat sonar
- Giant anteaters
- Wolves
- Big cats
- Ligers & tigons
- Hippo jaws
- Giant pandas
- Elephants

- Chickens & eggs
- Bird respiration
- Bird wings
- Flocking
- Migration
- Homing pigeons
- Hummingbirds
- Lyrebirds
- Woodpeckers
- Parrot speech
- Owls
- Condors
- Vultures
- Golden eagles
- Penguin swimming
- Penguin

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