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Raspberry Pi for Beginners Revised Edition

Raspberry Pi for Beginners Revised Edition


Raspberry Pi for Beginners Revised Edition

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Product Description

Since its launch, the Raspberry Pi has taken the world by storm. It has provided a much-needed impetus to students in the classroom by helping them overcome their fear of programming and coding, while assisting adults to create some extremely unique small and large-scale projects that have got the entire community excited. This book is ideal for anyone who wants to know what makes the pocket-size computer so unique and how it works, and take their first steps into the world of Scratch and Python programming.

In this bookazine...

All you need to know to get started with your Raspberry Pi

The basics
- Learn to set up your Raspberry Pi and install the latest OSs for it

- Take inspiration and learn to create some of your own

- Learn and master the basics of Scratch and Python

Troubleshooting and Glossary
- Hardware and software troubleshooting, FAQs answered and a glossary of terms

Also inside...
The basics
- What is Raspberry Pi?
- What is Linux?
- Choose the operating system
- Other operating systems
- Raspberry Pi (Model A)
- Raspberry Pi (Model B)
- Set up your Raspberry Pi
- The Raspberry Pi starter kit
- Connect your Pi to a network
- Install an operating system
- Install Raspbian from Windows 7
- Install Pidora
- Install ArchLinux
- Install RISC OS from Linux
- The Debian desktop
- Get your Pi online
- Start using Raspian apps
- The Raspberry Pi Store
- The best Raspberry Pi apps
- Use the Raspbian repositories
- Install and use packages
- Master the RasPi Config tool
- View images on your Pi
- Play MP3s on your Pi
- Turn your Pi into an office suite
- Play games on your Pi
- Access your Pi desktop remotely
- Manage application installations
- Set up a printer on your Pi

- A guide to Pi projects
- Inspirational Pi projects
- Use your Pi as a desktop PC
- Build a Raspberry Pi media centre
- Set up a file server
- Build a webcam server
- Take pictures and record videos
- Stream music on your Pi
- Play retro games on your Pi
- Control an LED using the Pi
- Construct a digital weather station
- Design a solar-powered Pi
- Build an always-on torrent box
- Create a portable wireless access point
- Voice-control your Pi

- Use Python and Scratch
- Code with the Scratch studio
- Use Scratch blocks and tools
- Customise the Aquarium project
- Create a simple drawing application
- Make music and play sounds
- Create a basic Snake game
- Build a multiple-choice quiz
- Python masterclass
- Learn basic coding by building a simple game
- Build noughts and crosses for Raspberry Pi
- Program a game of Pong on the Pi
- Add sound and AI to Pi Pong

Troubleshooting and Glossary

- Troubleshooting - Hardware
- Troubleshooting - Software
- All your questions answered
- Your Raspberry Pi glossary

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